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Perfect Pita was just a take-out place until 5 years ago when their reputation for serving good food at reasonable prices circulated around Bergen County and beyond. Perfect pita was and still is today very popular among people who enjoy such Middle Eastern dishes as Moroccan pot roast and falafel as well as the very un-middle eastern Cholent which the traditional Sabbath stew of meat, beans, vegetables and potatoes.

About little over a year ago, the store front next door became available and the food-to-go shop was expanded into a sit down restaurant. From Kosher Hummus with falafel, to Beef Shish Kebab, Perfect Pita will satisfy your middle eastern taste buds as well as your wallet!

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Perfect Pita Restaurant

13-22 River Road
Fair Lawn, NJ
Tel: 201-794-8700
Fax: 201-794-8838

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Perfect Pita In the Press, Jewish Restaurant News